Guide To Cancelling Gamstop Self-Exclusion

Gambling addiction is certainly a nuanced problem that appears in many different shades of grey, but unfortunately when it comes to the UK’s strict Gamstop scheme, things are a bit more black and white. 

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While you may believe you’ve bested your issues and are ready to enjoy responsible online gambling again, the reality is that removing yourself from the program isn’t so straightforward. On this page, we’ll take a closer look at how the process works and suggest other alternatives that might be of use.

How To Cancel Gamstop Self-Exclusion

To make a long story short, you can’t. As Gamstop is a scheme that has been devised to protect problem gamblers, it’d be quite irresponsible if it also allowed them to cancel their suspension period whenever they felt like playing again. As such, if you’ve previously self-excluded under Gamstop, you’ll have little choice but to serve out the remainder of your time before you can access any UKGC-licensed betting sites – and depending on your chosen ban, this could take between six months and five years.

Of course, if you genuinely have overcome your gambling problem and feel confident that you’re ready to play again responsibly, there are a number of non-Gamstop online casino sites available to you, but barring that, the actual process for ending your Gamstop suspension usually looks something like this:

  • Step 1: Be patient and wait out the suspension period for your Gamstop self-exclusion
  • Step 2: Contact Gamstop to let them know your ban is over and you’re ready to play again
  • Step 3: Wait 24 hours for your name to be removed from the Gamstop casino blacklist
  • Step 4: You will now be free to gamble at all of the UKGC-licensed sites you previously used

Benefits Of Gamstop Removal

Given that Gamstop bans can last anything from six months to five years, if you’re currently serving a suspension, it may be that you’ve forgotten what online gambling even looks like in the UK! With that in mind, below we’ve outlined some of the main benefits of being free from the scheme’s shackles.

+ Unrestricted access to all UKGC-licensed online betting sites.

+ Able to receive promotions and other advertising from casinos.

+ Have the option to seek out off-shores sites that are free of Gamstop.

Drawbacks Of Gamstop Cancellation

Of course, if you’re a fan of online gambling, it’s easy to see the end of your Gamstop ban as only being a good thing. However, it’s important to also remember that the Gamstop scheme providers a vital service to problem gamblers and once you’ve come off of it, you face several of the following pitfalls.

No Gamstop ban means no protection if you still have a gambling problem

You can be targeted for advertising and promos from any casino mailing list

Ability to deposit may cause long-term financial problems if not monitored

You’ll cease being contacted about other supporting services associated with Gamstop

Casinos That Don’t Require Gamstop Cancellation

Naturally, whether you’re playing completely unrestricted, are patiently waiting for your Gamstop ban (called also Gamban) to end or are ready to cut it short and start playing right away, you always have the option to play at online casinos that aren’t restricted by Gamstop. As these sites are typically licensed overseas in places like Cyprus and Curacao, they’re not subject to the same restrictions as UKGC sites and are therefore able to welcome players from many different countries, even if they’re currently serving a suspension.

Of course, players must be fairly careful when choosing which non-stop casinos to play at, but if you stick to the trusted recommendations on our site, you really can’t go too far wrong. Below, we’ve included a table of our top five picks when it comes to online casinos that don’t enforce Gamstop rules:

The Best UK Nonstop Casinos

Can You Actually Cancel Gamstop?

As we’ve attempted to explain over the course of this page, the bad news for self-excluded players is that there’s no quickfire way to cancel your Gamstop suspension.

Unfortunately, that leaves customers who believe they’ve overcome their gambling issues with only two main options – either patiently wait for your suspension period to come to an end or play at a recommended non-stop casino instead.


Gamstop Cancellation FAQs

Am I able to cancel my Gamstop ban before the suspension period ends?

No. Unfortunately you won’t be able to end your self-exclusion period early, even if you’ve genuinely overcome your gambling issues. Instead you’ll either have to wait or play at other non-UKGC casinos.

How long does a Gamstop self-exclusion period typically last?

You will have set the duration of your Gamstop self-exclusion period when you signed up to the scheme. The minimum ban is six months, but the maximum restriction you can apply for is five years.

Is there anything I need to do once my Gamstop suspension period is over?

Yes. If you genuinely feel that you’re ready to start playing again, your first port of call should be contacting Gamstop support and informing them your ban is over so they can unblock your account.

What should I look out for when choosing an online casino free from Gamstop?

Important things to look out for when selecting a non-Gamstop casino include the country where it’s licensed, the number of payment methods it supports and the availability of its customer support.