Last Updated on June 4, 2024

The Best UK New Casinos Not On Gamstop

There are a lot of great reasons to play at new online casinos. As we discuss on this page, new UK casinos in 2023 will offer bigger and better bonuses, more seamless user experiences, the latest games and so much more

But why do new online casinos offer so much to players? Fundamentally, they need to provide exceptional experiences in order to attract players and steal them away from established competitors. As a player, that should be music to your ears! 

On this page you’ll find the best UK new casinos not on Gamstop. We’ve examined every inch of these casinos before approving them, and we’ve even shared the criteria we use to assess casinos on this page. This should help you not only find the best new casinos and enjoy amazing online gaming experiences, but also help you avoid common pitfalls and untrustworthy casinos.

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List of the Newest Non-Stop UK Online Casinos

Winner Casino

400% up to £4,000 on first deposit Casino

600% up to £5000 on 6 deposits

Betti Casino

100% up to £500 (minimum deposit of £10)

Doctor Spins

500% up to £2,500 Welcome Bonus


255% up to £450 (Deposit Bonus x 3)


450% up to €6,000 on first 4 deposits


150% up to €750 Welcome Bonus

Nine Casino

255% up to €450 + 250 free spins (Deposit Bonus x 3)

Yeti Win

44% up to €3,000 Welcome Bonus


100% up to £1,000 Welcome Bonus


450% up to €3,000 Welcome Bonus

Prestige Spins

475% up to €3,000 (Deposit Bonus x 3)

What to check when choosing a new UK online casino site

As a player, you need to know exactly what to expect from any UK new casino you join — and it’s our job to get you that information. We follow a meticulous process for assessing every new nonstop casino that’s released, checking it thoroughly to see if it’s a platform we can honestly recommend to players. 

Here are the six key areas you need to check out for any new casino. 


It doesn’t matter how fantastic the experience is or what game-changing technology is being used—if players aren’t safe, we will not recommend the casino and you should never sign up. So what does safety mean

For us, safety means that every player’s personal data and money are never at risk. Any UK new casino we recommend will have cutting-edge digital security and encryption, as well as rigorous and established processes for protecting players. This includes reliable payout times and methods, helpful customer support and totally transparent T&Cs. 

User experience and technology

If you’re signing up to a brand-new casino, it needs to offer the absolute best and most cutting-edge technology, capitalizing on any advancements in user experience design, on-site features and back-end frameworks. 

But what does all that mumbo jumbo mean for you, the player? 

Seamless navigation

This is one of the biggest problem areas for older websites. Technology is advancing so fast that they struggle to keep up—it’s crucial that new nonstop casinos leverage this technology and make it a point of difference. 

Without doing this, the player experience at new casinos suffers. For example, say a player creates a specific filter for games and tries one of them; they don’t love the game, so they hit “back” in their browser—on a site with poor navigation, this often sends them to the homepage. A new casino should send them back to their previous curated games list. 

Universal compatibility

This almost goes without saying, but players must be able to effortlessly access the casino on any device, from any manufacturer, on any operating system. The age of downloadable iOS or Android-specific apps is gone—today’s players expect the full experience in their web browser. 

Check our mobile casino page for more information – HERE

Payment methods & currencies

New technologies like eWallets and blockchain payment providers are must-haves for new casinos. Players are always searching for new and better ways to handle and protect their money; failing to keep up with the times here will cost any new casino in members. 

Intuitive search, filtering and recommendations

Done poorly, one of the most frustrating aspects of new online casino is searching for games. If a new casino forces you to endlessly scroll through games, manually reading each title without any extra information, ditch it

You should be able to filter by game type and provider, as well as more detailed aspects like RTP, themes and volatility. It should also be easy to search for games directly and we think casinos will soon start offering tailored recommendations—this would be a major differentiator. 

Every year new online casino technology improves—we only recommend new casinos at the cutting edge. 

Game variety

Who would sign up to a brand-new online casino that didn’t offer the best games and latest releases? We expect new casinos not on Gamstop to have negotiated deals to get every hot new online slot and table game into its catalogue. As a new player, this is possibly the biggest reason to join new casinos specifically—the opportunity to test brand-new games that might not be available in older casinos. 

As well as the newest games, new slot sites online casinos are expected to offer a broader range than in previous years. The full suite of RNG and live dealer table games, fun extras like keno and bingo, video slots, progressive jackpots, sports betting—if a new casino wants to capture players, they need to go above and beyond the established competition. 


slot machine

Nowhere in online gaming is the chasm between old and new casinos more pronounced than in bonuses. Both the size and variety of bonuses are going up every single year, as new casinos attempt to out-bid their older competitors—and of course it’s the players who benefit most. 

We expect new casinos to offer cutting-edge bonuses in multiple ways: 

Payment options

One of the biggest issues with non-stop casinos has been, historically, a lack of high-quality payment options. That is quickly changing and new casinos are going to take this even further. Players should expect an increase in the number of cryptocurrency methods available (Bitcoin is already on the rise) as well as various cards, e-wallets and others. 

Withdrawal options

Nothing turns players off more than a suspiciously slow or convoluted withdrawal process. Problems with high minimum payouts, “additional security checks” and super slow (>72 hours) processing times are among the top reasons why players leave online casinos. 

When checking out new online casinos, we make sure their withdrawal options and payout speeds are in-line with the latest standards. 

New mobile casinos in the UK

As we enter 2022, we’re delighted to report that mobile casino apps are officially done and not going to make a comeback. There will still be a few hanging around, but new casinos will instead offer responsive browser-based designs which are faster, slicker, use less data and still have all the best new online slots. 

With browsers becoming more powerful, the whole mobile gaming experience is set to become even faster and more immersive than ever at new online casinos. Improved mobile technology also means a greater range of bonuses and payment methods for mobile players. 

Will mobile casinos definitely work on my device? 

The thing about cutting-edge mobile casinos is that they work independently of your operating system or phone manufacturer. As long as you have stable internet (wifi or mobile data) and a compatible browser (like Chrome or Firefox) you’ll be able to access new online casinos easily, from any device. We will warn players of any new casinos which use downloadable apps, don’t worry! 

Payout rates

As the online casino landscape gets increasingly competitive, new casinos are forced to offer better payouts to attract players. Massively volatile video slots like Thunderstruck II, for example, are still coming up at over 96% payout rate. Games like video poker are paying out 99.99% or occasionally even breaking 100%. 

For players, this means a better opportunity than ever (with consistent and long-term play) at making a real profit. New casinos need to offer games with such incredible payout percentages because, quite simply, they need to attract players away from established casinos. 

And there’s nothing more attractive to online gamers than an improved rate of winning! 

New casinos vs old brands


Perhaps the biggest problem with older, established online casino brands is that they get stuck in their ways. This means that since they already have an established player base, they stop making efforts to improve the player experience. And this makes sense: if thousands of players are loyal to your site, why invest extra money or provide additional services? 

The beauty of new casinos is that they don’t have this luxury. New casinos have to be extremely competitive from the word go—they need to offer the most competitive payout rates, the best technology and the biggest variety of bonuses and games. 

As a player, joining new casinos is how you enjoy the best possible treatment. It’s also your best opportunity for creating profit thanks to the ultra-competitive bonuses that older casinos don’t need to offer. 

The cryptocurrency era is here

One of the biggest revelations in recent years is the emergence of cryptocurrency as a payment method in online casinos. Looking forward, new online casinos will not only offer cryptocurrency options, many will design their entire platforms around cryptocurrencies. 

At the moment, Bitcoin is by far the most popular payment method. New casinos are offering Bitcoin bonuses and promotions, as well as making Bitcoin transactions easy and free. New casinos will expand this idea, opening players up to new currencies and finding novel ways to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain into the online casino experience. 

New Casinos Not On Gamstop FAQs

  • Do new casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

  • Can new online casinos in the UK be trusted?

  • Do new casino sites have bigger bonuses?

  • How do I find the best new casinos not on gamstop?

  • Will new casinos have my favourite video slots and table games?

  • Do I need an app to play new online casinos on mobile?

  • Are all new casinos signed up to the gamstop scheme?

    No. Only online casinos that are regulated by the UKGC are required to join gamstop. Since we only promote non-gamstop casinos, every new platform you read about on our website is not on gamstop.

  • Can I still win at new online casinos?

    Yes. In fact, we’re seeing players win even more at new casinos compared to old ones. Like bonuses, this is because new casinos have to make gaming more competitive in order to attract large player bases. If you want to get your best ever chance at winning it big, new casinos are the way to go.