What Are Crypto Casinos?

If you’re new to the world of online crypto currency, the first thing you’re probably wondering is “what are crypto gambling sites?” Well, the good news is the answer is as straightforward as it is practical. An online crypto casino is simply one that accepts payments in the form of tokens – often in addition to conventional fiat currencies – giving you even more options for deposits and withdrawals.

Crypto casinos

How To Choose A Crypto Casino

With the crypto casino UK market alone absolutely booming as we enter 2024, it can be daunting knowing where to start if you’re looking to make a crypto gamble. Below we’ve put together some of the main points you should consider when choosing between crypto gambling sites, but you’re also welcome to visit to our comprehensive review section and learn more about what each platform offers.

  1. Pick A Reputable Site

    First and foremost, when picking an online crypto casino, you need to go with a name that you can trust. Many of the best crypto casino UK options are licensed in overseas territories like Curacao, so make sure you look for these credentials and also keep an eye out for user reviews.

  2. Look For Good Bonuses

    One of the main ways bitcoin casinos and other crypto gambling sites look to attract new players is by offering a crypto casino bonus. With these often giving customers the chance to earn free crypto no deposit bonuses, there’s lots of extra value to be had if you shop around.

  3. Check For Restricted Countries

    Of course, while crypto currencies are pretty much a universal way to pay, an online crypto casino may be restricted in terms of the players that it’s allowed to accept. Make sure you always check the list of restricted countries so you don’t waste time trying to make a deposit.

  4. Review Game Quality & Quantity

    Just as with regular casinos, the hallmark of a good crypto casino UK option is being able to provide a rich and varied catalogue of games. Thankfully, as crypto gambling sites tend to be fairly modern, most platforms are able to offer a wide range of titles from multiple providers.

Casinos That Accept Crypto Payments

Now that we’ve identified some of the hallmarks of a good crypto gambling site, it’s time to look at some of the best bitcoin casinos available, as well as those that support other major tokens. With many of the sites below offering a crypto casino bonus to new customers, you might even be able to earn crypto for free no deposit necessary, but at the very least you’ll get more bang from your first deposit.


Crypto bonus 200% up to €1000

When it comes to crypto casinos with futuristic themes and a diverse range, few stand out. Cosmobet Casino succeeds in this area, distinguishing itself as a platform committed to providing its players with high-quality material and products.


Crypto bonus 200% up to €1000

20Bets casino is an incredibly ideal online gambling and betting club with a design that does not appear to be a small replica of any other website. That may sound like a fairly specific description, but actually most web-based clubs are essentially replicas of each other, and it’s interesting to see a webpage that does things somewhat better.

Jackbit Casino

REDDIT bonus 20 Free Spins!

With a well above average safety index score and lots of tokens supported, Jackbit is one of the world’s leading crypto casinos. That said, despite offering a vast collection of games from 91 different providers, the site currently offers no crypto casino no deposit bonus.

MyStake Casino

Crypto Bonus 170% up to €1000

One of the biggest names in the non-Gamstop world, MyStake is also a leading crypto casino UK. Offering a crypto casino bonus of 170% up to €1,000, the platform is incredibly Bitcoin-friendly and also boasts one of the largest game collections of any site on this list.


Crypto bonus 160% up to €1000

Velobet Nonstop Casino has established itself as a trustworthy and entertaining destination for gaming fans. Velobet Casino provides an immersive and secure gaming experience with a riveting selection of high-quality casino games, an easy-to-use UI, and cutting-edge technology.

Slots Dreamer Casino

Crypto bonus 500% up to £500

Slots Dreamer is one of the non-stop casinos founded by an operator with extensive expertise. Despite being new to the gaming sector, the casino is linked with several well-known businesses. The gaming site is run by an independent operator, yet it accepts players from the United Kingdom.

Anonymbet Casino

Crypto bonus 500% up to £500

AnonyBet nonstop casino provides players with a diversified and engaging experience through a wide range of games and features. With a focus on adaptability, this location offers four primary categories: Casino, Live Casino, Sports, and Live racing.

Mr. Slots Club Casino

With its unique Victorian theme and 500% up to £500 crypto casino bonus, MrSlots Club is another great blockchain casino option. From time to time, the site has been known to offer free crypto no deposit bonuses to new players, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Freshbet Casino

Offering a regular 155% up to €500 crypto promotion and periodic free welcome bonus no deposit crypto options, Freshbet is another blockchain casino currently making a name for itself – and with slots, sports and live casino all available, it’s not really hard to see why.

Advantages Of Crypto Gaming

So now you know what to look for in a crypto casino and some of the best sites to play at, the burning question remains “why should I bet at one?” Well, there are a number of benefits to crypto gambling online, most of which revolve around security, speed and anonymity. In the following list, we’ve highlighted some of the main advantages that crypto casino UK sites have over their fiat counterparts.


One of the biggest benefits of nearly all crypto currencies is that they’re decentralised, meaning any transaction you make occurs directly between you and your chosen casino. This means that they’re largely immune to government/third-party interference or manipulation.

Transaction Fees

An extension of the above, fiat transactions – especially those made with credit cards – are often subject to additional processing fees. As a crypto casino site effectively cuts out the middleman, there’s no organisation that you need to pay for gatekeeping your transactions.


When playing at a blockchain casino, all transactions are transparent and immutable. As deposits and withdrawals are recorded in the blockchain ledger, your money simply moves from point A to point B without being held anywhere in between, making them easy to follow.

Worldwide Acceptance

With the exception of online crypto casino sites that are restricted in terms of the countries they offer their services to, crypto currencies are generally accepted worldwide. This means you can always play in the value of your preferred token with no pesky conversions necessary.


One of the great things about crypto gambling online is that it can be done anonymously. As you’re not required to share any of your bank details with your chosen platform, this provides extra security and one less piece of sensitive data that you need to provide in order to gamble.

Faster Payments

The absence of a third-party payment processor means that payments made via cryptocurrency are generally much quicker. The amount you decide to transfer will generally move from your wallet to the casino – or vice versa – the moment a transaction is confirmed.

Lower Fees

In the rare event that you are charged a fee at an online crypto casino, it will usually be pretty trivial compared to some of the costs levied on fiat transactions. With no payment processor to satisfy, the process is much more economical for the casino and allows them to charge less.

Disadvantages Of Crypto Gaming

Unregulated Industry

The downside of having a decentralised payment system is that it’s also for the most part unregulated. While this means that governments have less influence over the value of crypto assets, it does also mean that prices can fluctuate wildly and some tokens can totally collapse.

No Chargebacks/Reversals

As mentioned above, any transaction at a blockchain casino is immutable. This means once a pay order has been made, it’s recorded in the ledger and cannot be easily reversed. For this reason, customers really need to make sure they trust their casino before making a deposit.


If you bought into the Bitcoin boom several years ago, you’ll no doubt be aware that the crypto market can be extremely volatile. This means if you’re intending to convert your tokens to fiat currency in the future, the value of what you once deposited might have fluctuated severely.

Crypto Casinos Summary

crypto casinos

All things considered, the vast majority of crypto gambling sites offer a safe and convenient way to play for customers who are less than comfortable with giving their bank details over to a casino operator. For the most part, they provide as many games and promotions as their fiat counterparts, with the possibility of players being able to earn free crypto no deposit incentives only adding to their appeal.