Casinos Not on Gamban

There are thousands of UK players that are locked out of their favourite gambling sites because of Gamban. While many of these players still need the blocker in place, others have recovered from their addiction and want to enjoy online gaming again—but what can they do?

Thankfully there are many world-class online casinos that are not restricted by Gamban. So rather than attempt to uninstall or block Gamban itself, players can simply visit these casinos and continue playing fun, lucrative games!

What are casinos not on Gamban?

Gamban is a powerful online casino blocking software: once you install the app, you will not be able to access any casinos in the Gamban database. However, while it is comprehensive, this list does not cover every online casino available to UK players.

Here are some of our favourite casinos not on Gamban:

Gamban Review

Gamban is a brilliant piece of software that allows problem gamblers to manage their addiction. It absolutely prevents access (through browser or apps) to the vast majority of UK casinos. For players that are badly affected by gambling problems, Gamban can be a real life safer.

But what about players that used to have a gambling problem but are now able to play freely, enjoying their time and never taking things too far? The trick with Gamban is that it’s time-based: every user states how long their gambling ban is going to last. Once that time has elapsed, they are free to keep playing at all their favourite online casinos.

Pros & Cons of Non-Gamban Casinos

  • Access for self-excluded players—The primary benefit of non-Gamban casinos is that self-excluded players can register, play and withdraw without any problems.
  • European operators—European operators are usually considered more trustworthy than those based further afield, especially for UK players.
  • Diverse payment options—European casinos regularly use credit cards and cryptocurrencies as payment methods, something that’s rarely permitted with UKGC casinos.
  • Usually unlicensed—For players that only like gaming at casinos with independently-verified licences, such as the UKGC licence, casinos not on Gamban are not a good option.
  • Can’t be blocked—Anyone at risk of experiencing gambling addiction should avoid Gamban websites, since they are virtually impossible to block effectively.

How to Uninstall Gamban?

Gamban is designed so that it can’t be uninstalled. According to the creators, this would defeat the whole purpose of the app, which is to act as a secondary, immovable defence on top of willpower.

That said, if you have installed Gamban on all your devices and want to play, there are a few workarounds:

  • Play on a new device—Gamban only works on the devices it is specifically installed on. If you have a spare device that doesn’t have Gamban, you can use this to access any of your normal online casinos.
  • Format your device—If you format your phone or computer (i.e. completely erase it) the Gamban app will be uninstalled. If you want to actually remove Gamban from iPhone for example, this is how to do it.
  • Access non-Gamban sites—The best option is to simply visit non-Gamban sites. These are unaffected by Gamban’s software, meaning you never have to uninstall anything!
  • Wait for your time limit to expire—The final option is to simply wait for your self-imposed gaming ban to end naturally. Once this happens, you’ll be free to play wherever you like.

Other self-exclusion tools similar to Gamban


GamStop is the government-run service that prevents players from signing up, logging in, or in any way accessing real-money online casino games. While there are casinos not on GamStop, it is a very effective tool for most people.


GamBlock is a casino-blocking app like Gamban. It advertises itself as completely VPN-proof, formatting-proof and even hides tangentially-related gambling sites in the player’s browser. 

Bet Filter

This is an anonymous tool that allows players to block access to specific websites and online platforms. While it doesn’t work on iOS or Android apps, it is nonetheless an effective solution that’s helped a lot of players recover from problem gambling.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a parental control software that’s used to prevent young people from accessing online gambling or other adult content. It is best used in conjunction with other blocking tools, for maximum effectiveness.


Q) Is choosing a casino not on Gamban a good idea?

A) If you’re someone that used to suffer from problem gambling but has been given the all clear by your medical or therapy team, then yes choosing a casino not on Gamban is a perfectly good idea.

Q) Is it worth looking into non Gamstop casino options?

A) If you’re able to gambling safely online, then yes, there is no reason to avoid non-GamStop casinos.

Q) What is the best non-Gamban casino?

A) Check out our list at the top of this page. We share a ton of high quality online casinos that are not blocked by Gamban software.

Q) Are gambling sites not on Gamban illegal?

A) Not at all. They are usually hosted outside of the UK, but it’s perfectly legal for UK players to register, deposit and withdraw at non-Gamban casinos.