Last Updated on May 25, 2024

Blackjack Not On Gamstop

Combining classic player-versus-dealer card play with a healthy dollop of strategy, blackjack has long-since established itself as one of the main games of choice for all online casino aficionados. With hundreds of variants available at stakes to suit all bankrolls and playing styles, the classic card game regularly ranks among the highest grossing titles at many of the world’s biggest online gambling sites.

Thought to have originated in the now-defunct Spanish kingdom of Castille in the early 17th century, blackjack has remained a firm fixture of the betting landscape to this day, with its availability in live casinos now being replicated online in the modern era. Given the game’s enduring popularity among players, it was certainly only a matter of time before the first non-Gamstop blackjack casinos appeared.

The good news these days for any players that have previously self-excluded under the UKGC-backed scheme is there are now a wealth of casinos not on Gamstop that allow you to play the game without restriction. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how regular Gamstop blackjack games stack up against their non-Gamstop blackjack equivalents, what sites offer the best spread of variants and delve into some of the important terms and strategies you’ll need to get started.

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What Is Blackjack Not On Gamstop

If you’re not already familiar with the Gamstop program, the scheme was developed as a way to enable potential problem gamblers to limit their access to online casino sites. Activated by a voluntary self-exclusion process, once a player has signed up to the Gamstop program, they’ll automatically be prevented from accessing any UKGC-licensed site for a pre-defined period of six months to five years.

Where Can You Play Blackjack For Free?

From online casinos not on Gamstop to sites not on Gamban and sites not on Gamcare, there are many platforms that cater for self-excluded players who want to play blackjack for free. In the list below, we’ve outlined eight of our top choices and briefly described what makes them a great place to play.


My Stake Casino

Impressive Range of Blackjack Variants

Not only a top choice for blackjack not on Gamstop, but also one of the best bingo sites not with Gamstop, MyStake Casino is home to an impressive range of almost 50 blackjack variants.

Red Lion

Red Lion Casino

50 Live Blackjack Title

One of the premier live casinos not on Gamstop, Red Lion Casino is home to 50 live blackjack not on Gamstop titles, including exciting niche variants such as Thunder and Galaxy blackjack.

players clup vip

Players Club VIP Casino

More than 3,750 slots available

Home to over 3,750 slots without Gamstop, Players Club VIP is another great provider of free non-Gamstop blackjack games where players will find well over 50 great titles to choose from.

Harry's Casino

Harry’s Casino

Big Welcome Offer

Arguably the most famous online casino not Gamstop protected, Harry’s is known for its big welcome offer and wide selection of slots not on Gamblock, as well as free play blackjack titles.

rouge casino

Rouge Casino

Free Live Blackjack Options

Boasting one of the best live casinos not on Gamstop, Rouge Casino specialises in its free live blackjack options, with regular, VIP and Limitless game variants all available around the clock.

Royal Oak Casino

Royal Oak Casino

Wide Section of Slots, Virtual Games & Blackjack

With a similar layout and aesthetic to Harry’s, Royal Oak Casino is one of the leading casinos not on Gamstop and offers a wide selection of slots, virtual games and free blackjack options.


Slots N Bets Casino

Huge Blackjack Collection

Despite being widely known for its variety of slots not on Gamblock, Slots N Bets Casino is also a great option for blackjack enthusiasts with a huge collection of variants available in free play.


Slots Shine Casino

35+ Free-To-Play Blackjack Titles

Another site that’s more commonly recognised for its slots without Gamstop, Slots Shine Casino nevertheless offers a comprehensive selection of over 35 free-to-play blackjack titles.

Since the program’s inception, a number of recognised alternatives to Gamstop such as Gamcare and Gamban have emerged, but all essentially operate in the same way – that is to say, they prevent a player’s exposure to almost all forms of online gambling. The term “almost” is key here, as over the last few years casinos not on Gamstop – along with non Gamcare casino and non Gamban casino sites – have recently emerged to fill the void and give players an alternative means to play during their ban.

When it comes to playing non-Gamstop blackjack, this means self-excluded players can now find a wealth of sites where they’ll still be able to play. In addition to this wider availability, blackjack not on Gamstop also comes with a number of notable perks, namely a greater choice of games from more providers, fewer betting restrictions than traditional Gamstop blackjack and access to bigger bonuses.


Types of blackjack not on gamstop

As we already touched on above, one of the major advantages of non-Gamstop blackjack is that casinos not on Gamstop are able to accept games from a greater number of international providers. This in turn means that players will find many more variants of the game than there are traditional Gamstop blackjack titles – and we’ve outlined some of the most popular game choices in the list below.

Standard Blackjack

The bread-and-butter version of the game, standard edition blackjack sees players dealt an initial two cards that are pitted against the dealer’s one face-up and one hidden card. Players must then add their two cards together and decide whether to stick with their current score or “hit” – draw an additional card – in order to reach a total they think will beat the dealer’s.

Blackjack Switch

An intriguing blackjack variant popularised by Playtech, Blackjack Switch is a multi-hand game that sees players dealt an initial two sets of cards. The big twist in Blackjack Switch is that they are then able to swap cards between their two hands to create a more optimised set-up. This in turn leads to Blackjack Switch having the lowest house edge available at just 0.18 percent.

VIP Blackjack

A variant of conventional blackjack that comes with some additional nuts and bolts, VIP Blackjack gives players access to higher betting limits and an increased number of wagers. While every studio’s version differs, players can expect to find additional insurance bets, split options and the ability to double after a split to allow more avenues to making a healthy profit.

Live Blackjack

Given blackjack’s popularity in bricks and mortar casinos, it should come as no great surprise that the game is also available as live blackjack not on Gamstop. All live blackjack not on Gamstop titles are broadcast 24/7 from custom-built studios, bringing players closer to the action and creating an extra level of immersion by enabling live chat with players and dealers. 

Strategies for playing blackjack online

One of the major appeals of non-Gamstop blackjack is that there’s a degree of strategy involved that can potentially separate winning players from losing ones. Unlike nonstop online slots where the outcome is pre-defined by the game’s RTP%, the additional level of control players have in blackjack can lead to them significantly reducing the house edge providing they keep these key points in mind…

Avoid Insurance BetsIn almost every winning blackjack strategy that you read, mentions of insurance bets are conspicuous by their absence. The simple reason for this is that taking out insurance on a hand is largely a losing proposition that will cost you money in the long run. As such, this bet should be avoided in nearly all cases and players should simply try to take their bad beats on the chin.
Always Consider The House EdgeEvery non-Gamstop blackjack variant will have its own house edge percentage – and this is a vital thing to note when designing your blackjack strategy. The house edge should inform everything from your overall budget to the bets that you place, with games that have lower house edges such as Blackjack Switch naturally lending themselves to reliable long-term play.
Pay Attention To The Dealer’s HandWhile it’s obviously exciting to always shoot for 21 and the additional 3:2 payout that it brings, players should always remember that beating the dealer’s hand is the number one priority. As this can be achieved just as easily with a 17 as it can with a 21, they should therefore always pay attention to the dealer’s up card and figure out what they will likely need to win the hand.
Employ An Incremental Betting StrategyWhether you’re playing conservatively or aggressively, one of the cornerstones of blackjack is employing an incremental betting strategy. For cautious players, this may involve doubling your wager after every win and resetting on a loss, while more adventurous bettors might want to double their bet after a loss, but either way, ramping up the stakes will see the best profits.

Glossary of online blackjack terms

Now that we’ve given you some key pointers on playing blackjack at casinos not on Gamstop, it’s important to also learn some of the key terminology you’re likely to encounter. In the list below, we’ve outlined some of the basic blackjack expressions that you’ll need to commit to memory before playing.

Free blackjack vs real money blackjack

Of course, for players that are new to blackjack and its many strategical nuances, the best option may be to try the game for free before parting with any real money. Thankfully, a casino not Gamstop protected will likely offer a range of blackjack variants that are available in play money mode, giving you the chance to familiarise yourself with the various bets and strategies before risking your bankroll.


The biggest disadvantage of playing online casino no Gamstop blackjack for free is that you won’t be able to win any real money from your bets. As a learning tool, however, free blackjack games are perfect for mastering the basics and getting more familiar with the correct action to take in any given scenario – and they also give you the opportunity to try out new variants you might not have played.

One thing to note on this point, however, is that not all non Gamstop blackjack variants are available in free play mode, with this often being reserved at bigger sites for the more commonly-played titles.

Benefits of playing blackjack not on gamstop

Now that we know where and how to play the best online blackjack games not on Gamstop, the burning question becomes what are the benefits of doing so? Well – as we touched on earlier – one of the plus points of picking a casino not on Gamstop (or, indeed, a non-Gamcare casino/non-Gamban casino) is that if you’ve previously self-excluded under one of the schemes, you’ll still be able to wager.

On top of that, rather than being licensed by the UKGC, an online casino not Gamstop protected will typically be regulated overseas in a jurisdiction like Cyprus or Curacao. This opens the door to them accepting games from multiple international software providers, offering more variety to the customer.

Whether playing Gamstop blackjack or non Gamstop blackjack, players will be able to enjoy a more strategically complex game where their actions have a real bearing on the end result. This arguably makes it a far more engaging option than slots not on Gamban, as players can experiment with any number of different strategies and side bets to increase their overall edge. Finally, when playing at non-Gamstop sites, players will face fewer restrictions on wager limits and the length of their sessions.