The Perks and Downsides of Getting Into an Online Casino’s VIP Program

So, you’ve been playing at this online casino for a while now. Out of the blue, you get an e-mail invite to the casino’s VIP program or loyalty program. They entice you with the many privileges that you can get when you join in. All seems well and you think you’re getting a good deal…or are you really?

Online casinos reward their most loyal players and attract new ones by inviting them to join their VIP program. Once in, they shower their players with plenty of perks, bonuses and exclusive invites to certain online casino events to keep them coming back and spending more. But are all these perks worth it?

While we can’t make the decision for you, we’ve gathered listed perks and downsides of joining a VIP program to help you weigh your options.

Perk: You get to enjoy exclusive VIP rewards and bonuses

Of course, the first and most important perk of being a VIP at an online casino is that you’ll be getting exclusive rewards and bonuses. Different casinos offer different sets of benefits to its VIPs. You can check out a casino’s entire VIP terms of agreement to find out every perk they can offer you. Anyway, here are the most common ones you can expect to receive.

Cashbacks: You earn points whenever you play at your chosen online casino. And as a VIP, you will be able to use your compounded cashback towards your bankroll or to purchase other services from the casino.

Cash bonuses: These bonuses are usually offered to new players but have also been extended to current players. An online casino gives out bonuses by matching your deposit and adding a percentage of it to your bankroll.

Special Invites: Not only will you receive invites to exclusive tournaments where you can win bigger prizes, you’ll also be one of the first ones to be notified of new bonuses and promos.

Perk: It will give you a goal to work towards

Most casinos operate their VIP schemes in levels. Players can start at a beginner level and work their way up to advance onto the higher levels by earning points through playing. One point usually corresponds to a dollar or a pound that you bet.

Each level will give a VIP certain benefits and bonuses which get bigger and better as you climb up the ladder. This scheme is specifically designed so that players will have incentive to play more as they are working towards the goal of reaching higher levels within the VIP program.

Perk: Being a VIP gives you access to better customer service

This is probably the best benefit of being a VIP at an online casino. Once you’re in the program, a VIP Manager will be assigned to you. They’re main job is to ensure that you keep patronizing their online casino by answering to your concerns and needs. These VIP Managers are usually available 24/7 to help you out if you’re having problems with the casino.

Some VIP Managers may even offer advice and comfort for players who are on a losing streak.  They can also help you get your money back if you fall victim to scams or a glitch in the system. These benefits might not sound overly appealing to you now, but once you experience being put on hold too long by regular customer service you’ll surely see the value of VIP Managers.

Downside: You need spend before you’re invited in the program.

Online casinos are smart to keep their VIP programs as invite-only. They can set terms as to how much play time and cash spending is required so a player can qualify for the program. Some require a full month of non-stop playing before they send an invite. Thus, players who want to avail of the benefits of a VIP would tend to spend more.

Still, there are also other ways you can get noticed by your online casino and get an invite. You can start by referring your friends to register or play at the casino you’re playing at. These referrals will be noted in your account. Bumping up your casino activity by playing at tournaments is also a great to get noticed. But the best way is still to play regularly. You don’t really have to make big bets just be consistent in your play times.

Downside: Some casinos oversell their VIP rewards.

Since their main goal is to keep you playing and to encourage you to play more, some casinos might oversell and overpromise their respective VIP programs. You can rest assured that reputable casinos never make empty promises and won’t rip you off. But some offers and prizes aren’t as lucrative as they’re advertised to be.

What you can do is read the fine writing that is the VIP term of agreement. You can also go ahead and try to contact other VIP members or read their reviews to know more about what you’re planning to get into.

Downside: You might feel more pressure to play to keep and advance your VIP status.

This is a dangerous one. Once you get caught up in the mentality that you have to keep playing just keep your VIP status or advance in it you’ll eventually start feeling like you’re not doing enough to get the best out of the program. Be careful not to get too carried away with gambling. Always remind yourself that you’re playing primarily for your enjoyment. Rewards and bonuses are only side goals. Going back to this mindset will prevent you from developing a gambling problem and help you enjoy your VIP status more effectively.  Remember the tips we gave you in our article, Avoid These Common Mistakes New Online Casino Players Make.  

Now that you know the pros and cons of joining your online casino’s VIP program, it’s time for you to make the decision. We hope this article has been helpful in answering questions you might have had about the topic.