Zimpler – Trusted Payment Method by Online Gamblers

Despite being a newcomer in the online payment service scene, Zimpler has managed to find a loyal market among online casino and mobile game players in the United Kingdom and other European countries.

Not surprising, since it offers hassle-free deposits and safe transactions to its users. But it edges out its competitors with its bankroll management features specifically catered to online casino players.

  • A Sweden-based mobile payment service launched in 2016 available in only four countries including the United Kingdom
  • A payment service that’s specifically designed for the use of online casino players
  • Offers great bankroll management features to control your spending
  • Assured fast deposits but lacks availability for direct withdrawal

What is Zimpler?

Officially launched just in 2016, Zimpler is a Sweden-based  mobile payment service which has a large Scandinavian, and now also UK, following. Like  e-wallets, it serves as an intermediary between your bank and your casino accounts.

But what sets it apart from others is that it is made specifically for the use of online gamblers. Thus, it has plenty of unique features that’ll make your gambling experience easier and safer.

Zimpler Casinos at Nonstop Casino

Zimpler is a trusted payment method by plenty of reputable online casinos. Here, we’ve listed some of the best online casinos which you can transact with using this mobile-friendly paying method.

Casino Welcome Bonus Transaction Time Deposit Transaction Fees Minimum Deposit Visit Casino
Sloty 100% up to £300 + 300 free spins Deposits- InstantWithdrawal-Instant Free £10 Play at Sloty
Spinit 100 % up to £1,000 + 200 free spins Deposits- InstantWithdrawal-Instant Free £10 Play at Spinit
Casumo 100% up to £300 + 20 free spins Deposits- InstantWithdrawal-

Option not available

Free £10 Play at Casumo
Vegas Hero 100% up to £200 + 50 free spins Deposits- InstantWithdrawal-Instant Free £10 Play at Vegas Hero

Why Choose Zimpler?

Online casino players from the United Kingdom would find Zimpler a great payment service to do their gambling transactions with.

Specifically Designed for Online Gambling

First of all, Zimpler is very easy to use and mobile-friendly as well. You can conveniently make deposits and manage your bankroll using your smartphone. What more, it has great features to help you manage and control your bankroll. For example, it enables you to have monthly budgets so you can keep track of your spending on a more macro-level which prevents you from overspending while playing.

Safe and Secure

You can also be sure that your information and money stays safe as Zimpler is a licensed service under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (FSA). It uses a data encryption software to protect your information from potential hackers and the like. What more, it gives you a different verification code for every transaction that your account makes adding an extra layer of security for users.

Fast Transactions

You can use Zimpler to make both deposits and withdrawals from your online casino of choice. You can make instant and free deposits and withdrawals at plenty of reputable casinos like Casumo, Vegas Hero, Sloty, and Spinit as they’ve begun offering Zimpler as one of their payment methods. However, be reminded that since it is still a relatively new service, some casinos don’t allow it withdrawals just yet.

How to Use Zimpler at Online Casinos

More and more online casinos are beginning to offer Zimpler as a payment method. Here’s how you can use it.

  1. Choose an online casino which has Zimpler as a payment method.
    If you haven’t decided on one yet, we recommend that you check out Sloty or Spinit as they offer great welcome bonuses for first time users and doesn’t charge Zimpler transactions such as withdrawals and deposits.
  2. Make a Zimpler account using your phone number.
    Zimpler is a mobile-friendly payment service which you can register to use with your personal phone number. Your account will be verified after you receive a verification number.

  3. Setup your account and payment method.
    Once you’ve successfully created and verified an account, you need to choose your preferred payment method when paying using Zimpler. There are two options: (1) bill and (2) card.Choosing bill, you’ll be sent an e-mail or text message after depositing an amount and then be required to pay the amount within two weeks. Meanwhile, choosing card will require you to connect your Zimpler with a debit or credit card.
  4. Confirm Your Payment
    Your Zimpler account will then be activated after your payment is completed.

Withdrawing Your Earnings from Zimpler Casinos

You can withdraw your earnings to your Zimpler account by transferring funds using your online casino account. Unfortunately, not all online casinos offer withdrawals through this service. You may still use it for fast deposits to your bank roll, but you’ll have to choose another payment method to withdraw your earnings.

The minimum payment you can do using Zimpler is £ 0.3. The maximum payment limits are dynamic, so you’ll have to personally contact the payment system’s support team to know. You can make your payments with any card that has a logo of either Mastercard or Visa.

Pros and Cons of Using Zimpler as an Online Casino Payment Method


  • Mobile-friendly interface, transactions can be done on phone.
  • Safe and secure transactions because of built-in encryption and per transaction verification codes.
  • Designed specifically for online casino users, has bankroll management features.


  • Not a lot of online casinos offer it as a payment method
  • Some who offer it as a payment method doesn’t allow for withdrawals through the payment service yet
  • No official app yet

Zimpler FAQ

Q: In which countries is this mobile payment service available?

A: Unfortunately, Zimpler is only available to users in a few countries such as Sweden, Finland and Germany as of 2018. But if you’re a UK player, worry not as the service was made available to you in 2016.

Q: Does using Zimpler require me to register an account?

A: Yes. You will need an account to be able to do transactions.

Q: How much money can I deposit using Zimpler?

A: While you can technically deposit as much money as you can using this mobile payment service, the online casino you might have a set maximum deposit limit.

Q: How can  Zimpler help me take control of how much I spend?

A: As a payment service specifically catered to online casino players, Zimpler lets you set your own monthly spending budget and thus, it will limit what you can deposit to that amount. It also has a feature wherein an increase in budget made by you is delayed for a week. This will help you mull over your spending decisions and decide otherwise. If that isn’t enough, you can also ultimately choose to bar yourself from using the service once you feel that your spending is getting out of hand.

Q: What similar alternatives can I use if Zimpler isn’t available where I live?

A: If you’re really dead set on using a mobile payment service, we recommend that you checkout Boku. It works the same way as Zimpler except that it bills your transactions on your phone instead of on a debit or credit card. You can also use other e-wallets and services such as  Neteller, Paypal or Skrill.

In conclusion…

Zimpler is still a relatively new payment service which means that it still has a lot of improving to do. Unlike Neteller, Paypal and Skrill, Zimpler isn’t that widely accepted as a payment method in online casinos yet although there are some that uses it already. Still, its current form offers a lot for online casino players when it comes to convenience, security and specialized features.