Odds in Your Favor: The Most and Least Profitable Online Casino Games

Different people have different reasons for playing online casino games. Some play for fun while some do to hit it big. But whether you’re playing for fun or for the money, you’ve probably wondered which casino games can give you the most or least returns for the money you spend. Besides, can you really beat the system and get rich of off playing casino games? Or will the house always win in the end? These are some of the questions that we will be tackling in this article.

RTP and House Edge

You see each casino game has its own RTP and house edge which can give you an idea of what your chances of winning are like. And to make things a bit more complicated, the RTP of a game may vary from casino to casino. For example, some casinos may have a higher RTP for slots than others.

If you don’t know it yet, the RTP stands for return to player. It’s a term used talk about the amount of money that will be returned to you overtime as you play a casino game. The RTP is expressed in percentage. The higher the number, the more often you can expect to win over a period of time. But a word of warning! You shouldn’t take the RTP quite so literally as it is only an average estimation of your chances of winning a particular game. It doesn’t take into account the probability of random wins or long losing streaks such as what usually happens with slot games.  

The RTP is often used together with the house edge when computing for a game’s odds. The house edge is the starting advantage of a casino against its players. It can be expressed as a casino’s average profit from the bets you make.  For example, roulette usually has a house edge of 5% which means that the casino takes 5 cents for every dollar you bet. So, it would be logical to think that playing games with the lowest house edge would be the most profitable. But, of course, this will only be true in the short run because the house always wins in the end.

As a rough estimate, you can determine the RTP of a game by subtracting the house edge from 100%. For example, Blackjack has a house edge of 0.5%. If we subtract that from 100%, we get an RTP of 95.5% which is great. But remember that this is just in theory as you will encounter other factors that will affect your odds in reality. Nonetheless, the RTP and house edge formula is a good guideline when choosing which games to play.

Casino Games Ranked by Most Profitable to Least

  • Blackjack

Table games like Blackjack have the best odds for players. Case in point, Blackjack house edge is only .5% up to 1% depending on the casino you’re playing in. Besides, Blackjack is also one of the easiest casino games out there making it a perfect starting point for beginners. You only play against the dealer so you don’t have to worry about encountering sharks on the gambling table.

  • Craps

Craps come in a close second to Blackjack when it comes to having the most favorable odds for players. This dice game has a house edge of 0.8% to 1.41%, again, depending on the casino. It’s also a fairly easy game to play as all you have to do is bet on a dice roll.

Watch out for our upcoming craps game guide if you’re interested in learning more about the best craps odds and some effective strategies you can try.

  • Video Poker

If you aren’t confident with playing poker with other people yet, video poker is a great way to practice. Adding to that, it has a low house edge with 0.5% to 5% at most with some tables having a return of over 100%.  

  • Baccarat

As you can see, card games do have the best odds of all casino games. So, if you want to make the best of your money, stick with these games. Baccarat has a house edge of just around 1% sometimes a little bit more. Veteran casino players highly recommend this game for those who want to play without having to think too much and still get good returns. In baccarat, your best wager is to just always bet on the Banker.

  • Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games with good odds. It’s also one of the most fun games to play at a casino. It has a house edge of about 5.5% which is a bit higher than the card games we’ve covered above. This is because roulette is a game of pure chance.

There are many types of roulette, but you’ll have the best chances with French Roulette which has a ‘La Partage’ rule that gives back half of the bets made when the ball lands on a zero. Meanwhile, you can avoid American roulettes as they have almost twice the house edge of its French and European counterparts.

  • Slot Machines

The profitability of slot machines is somewhat a contested topic. While the chances of winning are comparably lower than other casino games, slot machine offer the one of the highest payouts when you hit the jackpot. Flat top slots have a house edge of up to 17% but a payoff per bet unit is 5000 to 1 while progressive slots have a house edge of 5% to 17% and a payoff reaching millions to 1.

It would take you hundreds of hours on the poker or Blackjack table to earn the same million-dollar prize that you can win in one sitting from a slot machine…that is if you have luck on your side.

  • Keno

Keno, a lottery-like game, has the highest house edge out of all casino games reaching up to 25% sometime even more. But like slots, it also has a high payoff if you get lucky.

Still, seasoned casino players tend to stay away from Keno given the not-so-good odds.

Table games like Blackjack and craps have the best odds and are most likely the most profitable casino games to play in the short run. However, slots offer the opportunity to earn big money with little effort. We recommend that you budget your bankroll so that you can play a little of bit of everything. Spend most of your money on the card games and allot a small amount for a few spins at the slots as you end your gambling session.