How to Play Live Casino Poker

There is nothing more enjoyable than the moment you first learn to play live casino poker. Some players throw themselves in at the deep end, but you don’t need to play UK casino to get the very best online poker casino experience. Instead follow our guide to find the best live poker and best live dealer poker and get your poker hobby off to a great start.

What is Live Casino Poker?

Playing live casino poker is very different to playing online poker. Primarily when playing live poker you will have a lot more information available to you when making your best live poker decisions. Watching other people can often give you an insight into whether or not they have a good hand which will then tell you whether or not you should fold your hand.

The Basics

Playing live dealer online casino poker will give you a brilliant footing and will allow you to build your poker knowledge to take on some of the biggest tournaments when you have studied strategies. Poker is a very simple game but has complex and complicated strategies. Each player is dealt 2 cards by the dealer in live dealer poker and at a live dealer online casino. Then the dealer will deal 3 cards. This is known as the flop. Followed by a turn card, and lastly, the river card.

That will leave each player with seven cards. Their own 2 unique cards and the 5 cards on the table. The aim is to make a better hand than other players at the table with any 5 of the 7 cards. There is a round of betting after the initial deal, flop, turn and river. Players will bet on how strong their hand is currently or the strength of their anticipated final hand, some players will also bluff you to get your chips.

In poker there are terms you should be aware of before playing. Here are our key poker terms;

  • Raise – A bet above the minimum bet, normally a raise will have to be double the minimum bet.
  • Check – Declining to bet if there is no bet in play.
  • Call – Calling or matching another players bet.
  • All In – Pushing in all of your chips as a bet.
  • Tell – Reading another poker players hand by using primarily facial expressions.
  • Bust Out – Losing all of your chips in a tournament
  • Limit Hold Em – Poker that has betting limits.
  • No Limit Hold Em – Poker that has no limits on the size of bets.
  • Hole Cards – The initial 2 cards a poker player is dealt at the beginning of each hand.
  • Hand – One full round of dealing.

A Professional Strategy

Professional poker players spend years refining an overall strategy. A great live dealer online casino strategy is to only play premium hands. Premium hands mean that the two original cards must be both picture cards or both aces or a picture card and an ace. Play live casino poker in this way and you will find that you win more often than you lose. This style of play is called tight play.

Play live casino poker in lots of different styles to find one that suits you. Playing tight is great but takes a lot of patience as well as cautiousness and luck. Mix up your poker game to throw other players off as live dealer poker players can often read tight play and drain chips from tight players with weak hands.

Most of all, when playing live dealer poker try to avoid playing loose or overly aggressive. Intelligent poker players will often trap aggressive poker players and have their chips faster than they can say “all in”.

The most difficult players to read are the ones who craft their own unique poker strategies. It is best to watch poker stars online such as Daniel Negreanu to see how a true master works.

The Best Places to Play Live Casino Poker

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We have yet to find a live dealer online casino to match the best online poker casino Vegas Hero. So don’t delay, deposit some money and get stuck in at the poker tables and play live casino poker today.