Avoid These Common Mistakes New Online Casino Players Make

Online casinos may offer the same games that real life casinos do, but gambling on the Internet is still a different experience altogether. First time online casino players usually don’t consider that the betting of real money on online casinos has its own peculiarities. Thus, they easily fall victim to common and easily avoidable mistakes that cause them to lose more money than they intended to in the first place.

Save yourself from learning the hard way. Check out this list we compiled discussing five of the most common mistakes first time online casino players make and how to avoid them.

Not doing enough casino background checking

You’re probably excited to start playing casino games in the comfort of your own home. However, don’t rush your decision of choosing one to play at. You have a great variety of choice when it comes to online casinos. Given this big pool of options, there’s a great chance that you’ll run into a few sketchy ones as well. Make time for doing a fast background check of the casinos you’re planning to play at.

We recommend that you stick with regulated online casinos to be safe. Check if a certain online casino got its license from a reputable authority. Go ahead and scroll down to a casino’s homepage to see logos of the different licenses it has acquired. You can also read its reviews online. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to go through the nightmare of trying to get your winnings from an unreliable or blacklisted online casino.

An eCOGRA logo is usually a good sign that an online casino is a reputable one. The eCOGRA is a company that makes sure that games using Random Number Generators (RNG) are somewhat fair to its players. Other reputable gaming organizations which give out licenses are the UK Gaming Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and Gibraltar.

Registering using fake credentials

People register with fake information at online casinos as a safety precaution. While this will surely secure your private info, it might cause you some trouble in the long run especially when you try to withdraw your earnings.

A better alternative to doing this is choosing a reputable online casino which won’t give away your personal details or use it for malicious purposes. Like we said above, you should do your research first and choose a reputable and licensed casino before signing up.

However, not all personal details are safe to provide. You can give the casino information about yourself such as your real name, your home address, a copy of your passport or license and your e-mail but never give out your password.

Being too lax with money

Both online casino and real-life casino players have this problem. First time casino players tend to get carried away with spending money given the fast and easy payment methods most online casinos offer. Players can easily just re-enter details for their accounts to be replenished with gambling money in a matter of minutes.  

To help you manage your money more effectively, you can make a habit of creating a bankroll, a fixed amount of credit or money you gamble with, after assessing your finances. This will help you be aware of how much money you can gamble with without going overboard. Creating a bankroll will also make your playing time longer as you’ll mostly likely manage this amount into smaller bets instead of big ones.

We also recommend that you use an e-wallet as your primary payment method when signing up for an online casino. Being disconnected from your personal bank account, you can easily plan your gambling budget using your e-wallet without compromising the rest of your savings and money. Meanwhile, be wary of using credit cards as a payment method on online casinos as you can easily lose control and spend more money than you can afford without noticing.

If you’re really not confident with your self-control, you can get the online casino you’re signed up on to put a deposit limit on your account. This entails them setting a certain number of times and periods when you can deposit money into your gambling account to help you manage your money.

Going in blind

If you’re new to online gambling or gambling at casinos itself, make sure to learn the rules of the game first before you start playing using real money. Some games will only take a little common sense to learn but more complicated games such as poker entails a little bit more effort to learn and master. Going in blind to play a game more often than not results in you losing money.

There are plenty of helpful game guides you can read before playing. You can check out ours on the Guides category on our website.

Practicing also helps you learn the rules of a game. Take advantage of some online casino’s free play promos so you can get a hang of things before spending money. You can also bet at the lowest stakes at first until you’re confident enough in your knowledge of the game’s rules.

Ignoring customer support

Yes, customer support services tend to have a bad reputation. However, it would do more harm if you don’t utilize these services. After all, there’s really nothing to lose by contacting you online casino’s help-desk. You might even be surprised how efficient and helpful some casino’s customer support is. Besides, the problem you might be stressing over may be an easily resolved one and you wouldn’t know since you didn’t ask support for help.

Most online casinos also have 24-hour customer support available every day of the week for their patrons. So, you wouldn’t have to worry if you begin having problems with your account in the middle of a Sunday night.  

Now that you’re aware of the common mistakes you can make as a newbie online casino player. You can now proceed on your way to setting up an account in your online casino of choice and have a great time playing. Happy gambling!